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layoff and school

by Tamara
(Independence, ks. usa)

I am being laid off due to the outsourcing of my position. My position will be no more and they have nothing currently for me. I would also like to go to school, while looking for a job. I was counting on going to school anyway, but working part time while doing so. this is not an option any longer. Can i draw unemployment and go to school under these circumstances?

Hi Tamara,

Receiving unemployment benefits requires you to be able and available for work.

But if you are able to attend the school you want to learn what you want and are able to qualify for "state approved training" that is the way to go until the benefits run out and you may have to make some adjustments.

As with all things unemployment .. it varies from state to state so you should visit these websites to begin your investigation.

First visit the USDOL to get a bearing on Kansas, attending school and UI Benefits.
Click current year, then Nonmonetary Eligibility, and go to Table 5-12

Conformity Requirements for State UC Laws and Approved Training

CareerOneStops This is just the easiest way for anyone to find their state employment office which is usually where you find out about "approved training".

The Kansas Board of Regents.

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