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Leaving My Job in NV due to Changing Work Conditions

by Marty
(Las Vegas)

Hi, I have currently worked in Nevada as a Construction Project Manager for almost a year. Before that I was employed in NJ for the same position for multiple years. When I first started here I was working on site on the Vegas strip for a large hotel structure. After a short time, one of the owners of the company passed away and the hotel job I was working on was shut down. These two things aren't connected but happened around the same time. Since, I have worked in the office and we have no projects to work on. I am really losing faith in the company and would like to seek new work in California. What do I need to say to be eligible for unemployment? Also, the fact that we have no work, but are kind of just twiddling our thumbs negatively affects the advancement of my career. I do get along with the people I work with, but I am younger and seem to be looked down upon in most situations. Again what do I need to do to leave cleanly and collect benefits? I am planning on giving a notice to move a month from today. Thank you in advance your site is very helpful.

Hi Marty,

I think leaving cleanly won't be a problem, but it's doubtful it will be with benefits.

As way of explanation, please read 9. 10. and 11. under Voluntary Quit.

You might also want to take a look at 14 as well, but you'd have to provide more than just "please believe me because I say so".


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May 13, 2009
The short answer: Nope.
by: Chris - webmaster:)

There is absolutely nothing in the way of a person wanting to file a claim. As long as they were employed in "covered work" they will most likely be found eligible monetarily, which is the first hurdle for any claim.

It's the merits that normally disqualify a person. The "through no fault of your own" part.

My opinion about whether it is worth a shot is influenced entirely by whether I have a question about the outcome. I tell people all the time .. "sometimes you just have to try" and I mean it .. even if I'm not holding out much hope for them. I do this because I know they may not have provided the one piece of information that could change everything and because I am unable to hear the "other side" of the story.

I can't say that to you. I believe it will be a waste of time .. in Nevada. There are states, that this answer would be different because the statutes contain language about the loss or non-use of skills.

Your question, for me at least, raises all kinds of philosophical issues about the actual impetus for this website. I think some people think I'm a pushover, but you would not believe the number of questions I simply delete because a five year old child would know they were guilty of misconduct.

I could write pages about my personal philosophy, but who would care. I of course do use questions asked to voice some of them when I can't provide anything useful (and you're the lucky victim today:) Although I am verbally economical, I have found (to my surprise) that I am not so, while writing.

I believe that each individual that takes the time to ask a question, deserves a respectful answer. If I cannot offer that, I delete the question.

The truth is Chris, there are millions of people that would be grateful beyond belief to be twiddling their thumbs right now. Instead they are dealing with employer's trying to find a way to get rid of them and not pay unemployment, doing unbearable amounts of work for the same or even reduced pay, or would love to move to a different labor market to search for work, but cannot afford the move .. because they've been unemployed for a very long time already.


May 13, 2009
I hear ya Chris
by: Anonymous

Do you think it is still worth a shot?

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