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Left for family emergency, I am back now, but they have replaced me and hired a permanent person. Can I file for UC?

by Sue
(Brandon, FL)

I was laid off from a position in March in which I worked for almost 2 years. I applied for UC and received benefits until May 6 when I took a temp to hire positon. On July 19, I had to leave the state due to a family emergency. I have kept in contact with my temp agency until about a week ago when my phone was shut off. I am back now, and have found out thru a co worker that they have hired a permanent person for my temp position. I have emailed them and told them I am available for another assignment, should one come up. I am actively looking but have been without income for about 3 weeks and need to re open my UC claim. Will I be eligible for UC? I never resigned nor told them I was not coming back. Thanks for all your help.

I would say it depends on the "family emergency" and what transpired between you and the temp agency to deal with the emergency.

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