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Left for Inability to Perform Job Function

by Gary
(New Jersey)

I was laid off a few months back after working a steady job and was on unemployment. I got the opportunity to work at a job two months ago but it was temporary (you'd be made permanent based on performance). During training I came in every day on time and tried my best to grasp the nature of the job, but was not as successful as some of my other co-workers. The worrisome part was we also had mandatory tests (cannot go into detail, but basically these tests were simulations to the job) to pass before we could continue with the job. I told my supervisor my concerns, but yet left that job before the tests so I could take on another temporary assignment at a company I am familiar with, so that I could have some type of income coming in. Now that that assignment is over and didn't last as long as I hoped it would, I'm on the job hunt again, reapplied for unemployment benefits, but now they said they must speak to me first. What are my chances?

Hi Gary,

Same temp agency? Or was it not a temp agency you were getting these jobs through?

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