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left one job after a year for better paying job

by mike
(warrensburg ny)

Now after a month and a half they gave me a two week notice and said i dont meet there expectations can i collect.

Hi Mike,

Most likely if what you have earned from them has purged the NY voluntary quit disqualification which is to go back to work after the quit and requires 3 days work in each of 5 weeks and to earn 5 x the your weekly benefit amount.

And this is just if the quit is considered without good cause.

NY interprets whether leaving work for another job is good cause.

You should be able to find a relevant precedent here.

Of course this is all based upon an assumption that the employer will not be able to prove misconduct for the discharge from the "most recent employment".


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Oct 14, 2012
Create Your Own Job
by: Anonymous

My heart goes out to the literally 23 million out of work in the Obama economy...but I want to encourage readers that it IS possible to create your own job. I had a previous professional career (three earned degrees including a doctorate) and I am no longer in that profession. I became an independent contractor, started my own company and sell my services to other businesses. In the midst of Great Depression level misery and more to come, I am blessed with the most income I have ever earned working this way on full commission. If you are waiting on the government or a union, etc. to help you, then stop! Take charge with God's help and start your own business and you will be amazed at what happens.

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