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Left position to care for Ailing family member

by janelle

I left my position as a cna after working there a little more than a year. I gave verbal and written notice - after trying to switch shifts or take FMLA - both were unsuccessful. I was told I couldn't get FMla DUE TO NOT having enough hours in ( i was part time there and also I worked and still do work as a rural letter carrier) I have been denied benefits since feb 18, 2012 and had my first hearing with a administrative law judge yesterday. I again was denied due to "involuntary leaving wich was not attributable to the employer. I left ot care for my grandmother who is 92- has breast cancer, dementia, and just recently had colon cancer removed.(no chemo shortens her life) And has to have 24/7 care.

Yesterdays order included the following :
The claimant is disqualified under the voluntary leaving provisions of section 29 (1) (a) of the act for the week ending February 18,2012.
Requalification is required pursuant to Section 29 (3) of the act. This is all in Michigan.
I have a $1900.00 rework penalty and am $600 away from meeting this. I also just started school will this make a difference?

So, I just want to make sure I'm understanding what you're asking about.

You want to know if the fact you just started school will have any effect on requalifying when the time comes to do that? Yes, I'm sure it will.

Maybe this page will help clear that question up for you.

Or, do you want to know more about the disqualification for quitting due to an ailing grandmother needing 24/7 care?

As for the info about quitting .. it's all about proving you had good cause to quit .. attributable to the employer.

Absent the possibility of FMLA .. did you request a personal leave and/or provide medical documentation saying you needed to care for your grandmother or show that you were the only family member able to provide the care.

Beyond the quit issue .. your unemployment issue even when/if you do reqaulify will be an able and available issue.


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