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Left temp job for staff job, laid off after 4 months applied for UC, old temp job company sent me email to check in for work...

by acme

So do I have to reregister with this firm in order to collect UC? Before they offered me an assignment that was not a fit, and I am afraid they will do it again, what is the rule on this? Do I have to contact them as if I was still working for them?

Which Company Laid You Off?

1. Telling me only you're from the midwest, will not suffice, in particular, because you mentioned working for a temp agency in the title, but did not clarify the terms and conditions of the employment you were laid off from.

2. I really am not clear about which employer, the temp agency, or the temp agency's client was your last employer. I won't even attempt to answer about reregistering with what I assume is the temp agency .. because they gave you unsuitable work assignments in the past, until I know for sure you're not telling me it was the client company you had been on assignment to that hired you as a permanent employee and put you on their payroll to actually became your last employer .. even if not a base period employer.


Acme .. That always reminds me of my favorite cartoon character .. Wile E. Coyote.

He never gave up .. no matter how hungry he was in while the darned Roadrunner, just kept mockingly .. beeped beeping him when he failed.

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