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Left work without good cause - Maryland

by Sue
(Rockville, Maryland SA)

I was forced to leave my job not at my will. My new supervisor (27 year younger) that took over about 10 months ago and her goal was to get rid of me. From the day she took the job she started her harassment, intimidation, hostility towards me. I endured this situation thinking that she will change but that was not the case her threats became more and more frequent. I did this job for 11 years and have a superb record and excellent reviews, I could do the job with my eyes closed. I did train her since she did not have any experience in my job.

Since she could not find wrong doing about the job itself she found other causes to intimidate me. Such as my accent, my communication skills, my grammar, she will humiliate me with the vendors that use to work for me. She will ridicule me, etc etc I ate it all up because I needed my job. I complained to supervisors with no results...... I had to go to work everyday so scared to make a mistake or to even open my mouth It seems that I had to walk on egg shells looking everywhere. She put me on probation for 90 days based on unfounded accusations and I was probihited to discuss these issues with anyone in the company or outside the company or I will be fired. I
could not defend myself or have a due process. After the 90 days when we had the follow up I did not break any of her rules I did everything she asked me to do however instead of evaluating the initial probation she issued me a new probation based on new charges mostly about my accent and my grammar. After this meeting she continued with her hostility and intimidation to a breaking point...... My doctor put me under her care for 6 days and when I came back my supervisor continued with her harassment and that is when I decided to leave the company.

Hi Sue,

Are you telling me the state decided you quit without cause??

Sue, I would say you were the victim of workplace harassment and discrimination. How old are you?? You need to be at least 40 for age discrimination to be a factor, but my goodness, your accent? Your grammar? There is no way that could be considered misconduct.

Do you have a copy of the documentation putting you on probation for your accent and grammar? If not, you need to find out what it takes to get (if you can) a copy of your personnel file. Write down every attempt you made to find a resolution to your treatment by this woman. This is where you can file a EEOC complaint.

Sue, you need to talk to a lawyer...honest, I mean it, really!!

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