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by Mary Anne
(Las Vegas, NV)

I was informed by my Supervisor in Security as a Guard our hours will be changing 11/30/10.

Effecting my current Monday hrs. 6:00AM to 2PM going to 8A.M TO 4P.M.
BUT... MY NEXT SHIFT STARTS AT "MIDNITE" SAME NITE 12AM. TO 8AM leaving me with little sleep inbetween. It takes me (1/2 hr each way) to get to work/home. And need at least 1 hour to eat dinner and rest a little, about leaving me 4.5 to 5 hrs to get sleep, dressed and off to work again.
This only effects me, not my associates.
I spoke to my Supervisor about it a week ago and he then indicated he would not do this to me and he still has 9 days to come up with something for me. But, today 11/27/10 he suddenly called me at home and retracted what he said and said "that's the way it is!" This would be a weekly, every Monday schedule for me and I feel is inviting a on the job accident that maybe OSHA can fine him and/or I could have an accident on my way to work due to lack of sleep leaving himself & the Company wide open to a law suit possibly ... let alone the havoc on my health, sleeping and eating patterns and judgement not to mention family and social time.

This isn't really a question about unemployment benefits, but Nevada wage and hour laws.

It should be fair easy to get an answer to your question though.

Call the Nevada Labor Commissioner Office and find out if this would put your employer in violation of Nevada labor laws or follow the links and read Nevada law.

And if you're thinking about quitting .. if you find out it is in violation .. don't. Tell your employer you received your information from the state of Nevada and see what they tell you. If they force you to work anyway ..

File a complaint by following the links on that same page.

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