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let go for drs appointments

by tricia Kernodle
(wilmington , nc,us)

I have been in remission from cancer for years. However most recently i have been having complications. I had to be in the emergency room several times and my bloodwork came back with a chance of recurrence. I then called my employer at the E.R to let them know I would be out. When I was released from the hospital and called my employer she said she couldnt provide the days off to go back and forth to see my cancer doctor and that she needed continueality with my job and the same face everyday to greet our patients. She agreed to let me go and ask for a letter of resignation. I told her no i wasn't given her one if she couldnt hold my job and let me go to my doctors appointments I was gonna assume I was fired. She agreed. She immediately posted my job within the hour and hired someone else the next day. This company also owes me backup overtime they never payed me for. What can I do? am I eligible for unemployment? She agreed I was the best employee they ever had on that job and offered me one friday afternoon a week to work, this is unacceptable due to possble treatment and my doctor is 3 hours away and Friday is the only day I can go. please help

As far as the unpaid overtime .. file a claim for it either with NC or possibly with the USDOL.
Yes, you should be able to collect unemployment. And if this employer treats their "best" employee with as much disregard as you were shown .. I'd hate to be considered the worst employee.

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