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Live in GA but work and paid for company out of FL

by Christy Bartolotta
(Atlanta Ga)

I went out under fmla aug 6 2009 for a suregery related to right knee pain and swelling which in turn caused limping taking medication and the use of wrap supports around knee. I had surgery in which a large cysyts was found in the knee joint and was removed. I;m still out of work under fmla but my left knee has started same symptons and I have mRI scheduled and return f/u next monday for results but a work excuse releasing me next tuesday 10/27/09 if I can;t return depending on what mri shows on left knee now can i be fired and can i file ui? THanks Christy

Hi Christy,

If this comes to pass .. yes, you should be able to collect unemployment benefits. Just be sure to keep the employer apprised of what is happening.

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