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by L
(Bergen County, NJ)

Hello Everyone! I am wondering if anyone might be able to help me. I was a medical assistant and was working as one since 06. I was laid off Oct 09, and have not been able to find work. I want to go to school to get a better education for a better job. What exactly do I need to do to prove that I need better training besides the fact that I am not even getting called back when I apply places?

I have been going to the unemployment office MANY times and get a different answer EVERY TIME. The last time I was there, I met with a "career counselor" She gave me good advice to change my resume. But when I specifically told her, I do not want to be unemployed anymore and when I do get a call back from a place, they tell me my education is not good enough.(I only went for a 13 week program to become an MA. What a mistake!!!)There really wasn't an answer from her, but to go to yet another workshop.
They expect you to go through all these workshops, which I attend, but are things that I know already. I know how to build a resume, and how to interview. Nothin new... Basically, they want you to jump through fire to get anywhere and then when you think you have completed something, you have to do something else!!!! I am not getting any answers or a new job.
I feel like this is just getting ridiculous now. I applied for the grant that is offered when you first become unemployed and to fafsa and was denied both! The state wants people to have jobs, but yet almost everyone in this state, is unemployed or afraid of losing their job. Then, when you go to the unemployment office, you get attitude, and no one can help you, or you get the run around! I dont understand why you are pushed to get a better education, and then when you decide to take it, you can lose your benefits.
What do I need to do to be able to collect and go to school without having to wait any longer for an answer from unemployment?

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