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Live in NY and wish to form LLC

by Jeremy
(east hampton, ny)


i recently been accepted to receive unemployment benefits in new york state. I cannot find work so I'm thinking of opening my own business and LLC in Arizona, I might have investors and would be a good opportunity for me.

My question is, will I lose the benefits once I apply for the LLC, even though I won't be making any money for several months?? I'l still need to find a regular job in order to survive. If i'm in new york and form the LLC in ARizona online, will they know immediately and suspend my benefits or might it take awhile, and are arizona laws different in that regard that they will allow me to get the ny benefits while opening the business in arizona?

I'm not certain what steps to take to maintain my benefits and be able to start a business in a different state at the same time.

Thank you!

Jeremy K

Jeremy, I think you need to ask the NYDOL about whether forming a LLC in AZ would in itself stop benefits .. I don't think so if you aren't earning any money, BUT and this is a big but....

It raises a question about your availability and ability to work any other job .. especially if you move to AZ or spend anytime in AZ.

On second thought .. don't call the NYDOL .. talk to an employment attorney .. or maybe a tax attorney because I'm not sure .. of anything except the potential for an A&A issue which would stop the UI benefits.

I do know also that all states participate in active "fraud detection" .. I know everyone might think to themselves "how would they know or find out", but this is the 21 st century and it's difficult to hide any activity .. because it all ends up in some database or another.

Think squeaky clean and by the book or forget about collecting the UI benefits and just not worry about it.

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