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Living in Nevada and collecting CA unemployment

Can I continue to collect CA unemployment while working a 4 week temp job in Nevada? I'm on my first extension from California and would like to work a temp job in Nevada. Will I be able to continue my CA unemployment after the 4 weeks of work in Nevada or will I have to file a unemployment claim in Nevada? If I file a claim in Nevada, the weekly amount would be less than what I am collecting in CA.


No, if you currently have a claim you would just need to keep certifying and when the temp job ends, the benefits should start arriving again, but I suppose the state may need to verify that the separation from the temp job doesn't disqualify you from continuing to collect. If you will be living in Nevada you might also want to change your address.

This might be a good page to check out first at the EDD They have quite a few FAQ pages that give a lot of answers.

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