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looking at the wrong date on the schedule resulting in me going into work late.

by Kendra
(North Carolina)

I was fired from my job on December 12th 2008 because I did not come to work on time on december 12th. I admit I made a mistake and looked at the wrong date on the schedule and thats why I didnt get to work on time, and I was fired for that supposibly, but all of this happened a week or 2 prior to me telling my boss that I was pregnant. I dont know what to do, I feel as though I was treated unfairly and that I deserve my unemployment since I cant get a job due to the fact that I'm pregnant. Please give me some advice on what I should expect from my unemployment hearing.

Hi Kendra,

First, Did the employer have an attendance policy? Did you have previous warnings.

This is important.

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answering questions about attendance policy
by: Anonymous

Yes the employer did have an attendance policy.

Yes I was written up/recieved final warning for tardiness on December 9th.

Okay, then my question to you is: How is it you intend to show a relationship between telling the employer about your pregnancy and a final action by the employer for documented attendance problems. Unless all of the written warnings and the subsequent discharge happened after you told the employer you have little hope of getting unemployment with that argument.

You admitted your tardiness was a mistake and it was due to your carelessness when checking the schedule. Whenever we take a job there is an obligation that we show up for the job .. on time by the very virtue that we accepted the job.

Of course there may be exceptions which should be understood by the employer, but we also through our attitudes and action demonstrate just how much regard we give to the employment.

Tardiness very often disrupts the flow of a workplace. It can not only show disregard for the employer, but your co-workers.

If you think that maybe you have some information which might change the way I'm leaning in your situation .. feel free to bring it up .. and remember, I'm not the state.

Do not let anything I say here discourage you from applying or trying to get unemployment. Anything I say is simply my opinion about the possible strengths or weaknesses I detect.

My goal is not to discourage you, but to help you understand how unemployment works .. even if it's just so you'll be more aware at the next job.

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