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Lost home and my family and I were homeless, so decided to moved to another state to live with family. I Resigned from position.

by B. F.
(New Jersey)

I worked for a small business in Tennessee for 9 years and came under financial hardship losing my home to bankruptcy, leaving my family and myself homeless.

Being originally from New Jersey, we had no where left to go in TN, so we had to move back to NJ to live with our family there.

To work at this job you need to reside in TN, so I had to resign my position and also sign a resignation later stating I was leaving upon my own free will.

I haven't been able to find work since moving and finally filed unemployment.

Will my claim be denied because I quit my job considering the perilous predicament I was in? I do have all the bankruptcy paperwork.

Chris's Answer to: Lost home and my family and because we were homeless, I decided to resign my job and move to New Jersey to live with family there.

Hi B.F.

Even in the most generous states allowing some circumstances to be with good cause to quit due to a need to move to a different state, it would be highly unlikely to collect unemployment due to quitting caused by personal financial hardship .. because financial difficulties would still need to be proven as somehow attributable to the work, or the employer.

Sustaining attribution of fault as being an employer's is the basic burden a person has to meet to collect unemployment benefits and sustain at unemployment hearings to keep benefits .. after voluntarily resigning otherwise .. suitable employment. So with good cause is what's best taken care of .. before quitting a job.

And I'll just add that the graph in the pics above show Tennessee isn't a state I'd actually classify as being generous as to when it's laws make exceptions (provisions) to the rule you have to prove an employer at fault .. to collect.

Chris -

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