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Lost my job after 28 years

I was just beginning year 29 with my employer when I was terminated. I was warned a year ago that my boss did not like the way I was talking to his clients and was not happy with my work. I should have known he was not going to stop whining and complaining until I was gone. I did not ask for an example about client phone calls. I answered the phone with his name and took a message. If he was in his office I announced the call. I have worked for every person in the office without any problems. I was beginning 5 years without taking a sick day. I have filed for unemployment but this is an at will employer. Two issues for termination - violation of company policy and discharge for undisclosed reasons. I doubt that I will be able to collect unemployment. This is the first time I have ever applied for unemployment in my life. I have worked 48 years full time and was planning to retire in September. Good luck to anyone working for an at will employer.

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Lost my job after 28 years
by: Torrence Johnson

I hate At-Will employment. This led me to become an Employee Rights Advocate and represent employees in disputes with their employers.

Although you are in an at-will state, you do have the limited protections from a few Federal and State Statutes. In unemployment situations, you have to have been terminated for misconduct. Depending on your state, you may also have some rights against at-will if your state has implied contract theories. Your employee handbook in some state create an implied agreement that you will be terminated for cause.

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Torrence Johnson

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