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Louisiana Unemployment Appeal

by Chrystal B.

I received unemployment for 4 weeks and then it suddenly stopped. They say I failed to register for online work alerts!! Well, I had my appeal hearing yesterday 8/21/2012. It went well. I told the truth. I had no idea I needed to register. I went in and registered for the alerts and I'm almost positive I won my appeal. My question is, how long must I wait for a decision and how long after that will I receive my funds? There's not much info about La. on the internet. I don't know if it is because the process isn't that trying or if we just don't use the resources. HELP!!!

Usually, it takes anywhere from about seven to ten days to receive the hard copy of a
hearing decision .. sooner when you're lucky.

When do you get the funds?

Probably on the next date you would normally receive benefits .. I don't really know of any drop dead answer, except that many of told me it's taken longer for the dept. to change the drop down from denied back to allowed than it did to apply and get denied in the first place.


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