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Manual Overpayment Ohio Other

by Ciaira

I was sent a message titled Manual Overpayment Ohio Other. I think I know what it's about but just to be sure I wanted to ask. I was over paid earlier by unemployment and sent them a check for the full amount right away. The check didn't reach them before they withheld my next unemployment payment so I didn't get that but had already paid the overpayment. I tried to open to the message they sent me but it said it was unavailable in red writing.. I'm thinking they are going to tell me I overpaid them back. I'm hoping anyways. I don't think I've message up in any other area.

Hi Ciaira,

Frankly, I have no idea what it means. I am not familiar with the "inner workings".

I've probably spent more time on hold with a state trying to get answers to why they do some things they do than most people and believe me .. not all questions can be answered:)

To me, it sounds more like something a state would send to an employer regarding unemployment tax, but I think you would be wise to actually get on the phone and call

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Oct 14, 2009
Manual Overpayment
by: Jean

When the envelope is red and you are unable to open it that means the system has not yet updated. I too was overpaid by $850 but I never once thought about sending them a check. They simply took the money out of my weekly amount. It really didn't matter because I had in excess of $10,000. The only time that is necessary is if you have found full time employment. Otherwise keep your money and let them recoup from you. I also received $25 dollars of the $850 back. Why I don't know they only stated overpayment, so I am assuming I overpaid them back. My employer also appealed the UCRC decision to allow benefits but they were denied. Check you account again in a day or so and it should reflect the update.

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