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Massachusetts UI Benefits for Full TIme student

by Bruce
(Wilbraham, MA, USA)

I have worked for 14 years straight in the same industry and was layed off about 3 months ago. The industry I was working in is now entirely gone. I saw this coming for sometime and decided to return to school to finish my degree. I finished 3 years of my Bachelors degree while still working and over the summer between my junior and senior year I was laid off. When I became layed off I filed and was approved for unemployment. I received benefits for about 2.5 months when it was canceled. Unbeknownst to me, being a full time student disqualifies you for UI benefits. The mistake I made was calling to ask about when and how I file for an extension. I mentioned my student status to the customer service rep on the phone and he replied. "I have canceled your unemployment benefits because you admitted to being a full time student." Sure enough, the next week I received no check, just a notice of discontinuance of benefits. The point is, never tell anyone if you are back in school, it will only stand to hurt you regardless of your situation.

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