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medically unable for full time work

by glen
(pueblo colorado)

how does one get around medically unable to work

the state is saying my doctor says that I have sever anxiety and should not be working. I am a physician assistant and working with the soilders causes my PTSD to get worse. Can't I work at a diffrent job.

Yes, that is a possibility, but you would need to fill me in on the unemployment details for me to elaborate .. or you could try using Colorado's online unemployment benefits library to get some more understanding.

In any event the difference will probably come down to your doctors documentation .. there's a big difference between not being able to continue in your present job and not working and there is also the FMLA things for you to consider .. although I do know CO has a precedent that basically says once an employee presents medical documentation to an employer that your work is causing you health problems .. the ball is in their court. They either need to try to accommodate you .. or offer FMLA or something .. if they don't .. they have dropped the ball.

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