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mental impairment.


My job granted me a leave of absence at the request of my psychologist on 6-29-2010 for depression. I stayed in contact with my job during the entire leave. On the day that I was scheduled to return to work, 7-25-2010, I received a termination letter in the mail. My job terminated me because they could not work with the doctor's restrictions my doctor set forth. He was restricting me to working 3 hours per week from July 25th to October 25th. In October, I would be able to work full-time. I have been denied Alabama unemployment, even though I am looking for work. I have no income. I have signed up for online classes and I am searching for work daily. Should I appeal? How can I prove my case?

Well yes appeal, I'd hate to be the reason your appeal is late, but how about you tell me the reason Alabama gave for denying you? Want to tell me if you were on FMLA?

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