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MI - Am I still eligible for unemployment benefits if I quit a temp job before my severance payments end? Also, which employer is considered my last employer?

I was involuntarily terminated from my employer in February 2009. This company gave me a severance package payable through the end of August 2009. Per the terms of the severance package, even if I found another job during the severance period, I would still receive the biweekly severance checks (again through August 2009).

In March 2009 one month after terminatation, I worked for a temp agency. I quit (or voluntarily left) in July 2009, but continued receiving my severance checks through August 2009.

After the severance period ended, I filed for unemployment benefits in MI with the MESC. At first, they processed all paperwork and sent documentation that I met the eligibility requirements and would receive the $362 (max) per week. After 3-4 weeks, I never received payment and began to question when the funds would arrive. MESC issued a redetermination letter later denying my claim because I quit the temp job.

My question is this: Am I disqualified for unemployment benefits when I quit a 4-month temp job (in July 2009) before my severance period ended (in August 2009)? Also, which employer is considered my last employer? FYI - I worked ~4 years at my former employer before being involuntarily terminated.

Any assistance and/or insights would be much appreciated. Thank you!!!


That's an easy one. Your last employer is the temp agency. If you voluntarily quit without good cause you will not be receiving unemployment benefits.

Unemployment is decided on the separation from the "most recent work".


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