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MI Unemployment resigning question

I am a teacher in the state of Michigan. I was told I was going to get fired. They gave me the option to resign. They are stating they would not fight my unemployment claim. I am confused on how I would get unemployment if I resign... What reason would I give etc. Also I am nervous about taking their word on the fact they want fight it. Have you ever heard of an employer writing a letter stating they will not fight unemployment claim. Is that a reasonable request? Also how long would I have to wait in order to get unemployment??


It is absolutely a reasonable request to ask the employer to put in writing that they will not contest your unemployment benefits .. and yes it happens frequently that they are willing to put it in writing.

As far as unemployment goes .. when an employee is offered the opportunity to resign in "lieu of discharge" it is considered a discharge.

This just means the state will gather information to find out if good cause existed for the discharge.

Be careful, because claimants self-disqualify themselves with this scenario all the time.

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