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MICHIGAN - I want to start school while I'm off work. Will my benefit amount change?

by Alex
(Sterling Heights)

I want to take some online college courses to help me better myself. What I am unsure of is will my amount of money decrease? I'm not sure if I will be considered "unavailable" for work since I would be attending school.

Hi Alex,

Here is the resource I'm using to answer your question .. Click current year, then Nonmonetary and go to Table 5-12.

If the state thinks you are limiting your availability for work or if you refuse work due to school they will disqualify you.

Attending school in Michigan is not disqualifying in and of itself if you conduct your job search and make yourself available for full-time work, but you must put work above the requirements of school .. understand?

Fortunately, you may have more options for scheduling since your plan is to take online classes.

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