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Michigan to North Carolina relocation. Am I eligible for unemployment?

by Laurie
(Novi, Michigan)

My husband has been transferred to North Carolina from Southeast Michigan. Our house will be gone in December and I must now quit my michigan job and follow him to Winston-Salem. I have been searching for work in Winston Salem but as of yet to find employment, My question is can I collect unemployment under this situation?

Hi Laurie,

Is your spouse in the military?

Does your employer have a location in Winston-Salem which you could transfer to, but were denied a transfer.

Michigan has enacted new law but it's only helpful if your spouse is in the military.

MICHIGAN HB 6427 ENACTED and EFFECTIVE January 9, 2009
(Public Act No. 480)
Nonmonetary Eligibility
Provides that an individual will not be disqualified for voluntarily leaving work if the individual is the spouse of a full-time member of the United States armed forces, and the leaving is due to the military duty reassignment of that member of the United States armed forces to a different geographic location.

Source - USDOL ETA

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