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Michigan Unemployment Benefits ALERT!

by Chris
(United States of America)

Michigan is trying to be the first state to decrease the duration of REGULAR unemployment benefits from 26 to 20 weeks.

If you care you need to let your voice be heard!!

This would indeed, be a dangerous precedent during the worst and longest lasting recession any of us have every experienced.

Ah .. but that's the problem .. the antiquated system of unemployment has always relied on economic recovery .. to recover itself.

So, those that govern can only think of not very well thought out "quick fixes" that will harm only the not yet, unemployed through no fault of their own?

I can't say I've been surprised while some states have quietly altered unemployment laws to decrease the number of people that would be allowed benefits.

I can't say I've been surprised by some of the questionable behaviors of states that are practicing their own form of attrition by denying and delaying paying claims on soggy grounds.

And I'm can't even say that I'm surprised by Michigan trying to put a great big band-aid on their state unemployment program. If they get away with it other states will follow .. I guarantee it.

I am surprised though that the one system that has been in need of major reform for a very long time, does not have some loud voices calling for at least a discussion about reforms that would actually help.

But what surprises me the most, is that those most at risk of being affected by this have become so complacent to not become outraged enough to unite their tiny individual voices to create a loud and thunderous roar that will actually get the attention of the public.

It doesn't matter what state you live in or whether you are unemployed now or not .. you could be in a split second and then have the same thing at stake as those who live in Michigan.

We may each live in just one state at a time, but we all live all the time, in one country.

Show your support for your fellow Countrymen

Chris -

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