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minnesota, how can I win my appeal

by Joel

I have been corresponding with you all along and you have been very helpful! and I got a letter saying I was denied unemployment so I applied for an appeal and It Is coming up thursday July 2 (telephone hearing). I feel I have very good cause for quitting to begin with (My Mother was Ill and they would not even temp work with me on different hours ect even with a Dr note)I quit only after I was offered a very good job with substantially better terms (given the situation I was in with my mom)that job fell through after I quit my other employment! Now to top off all my bad luck they are refusing me unemployment under MN statue 268.095 in the determination of ineligibility the determination was ruled that has not been shown to offer substantially better conditions of employment is what the letter says. On the phone appeal should I concentrate more on the issues of that my prevous employer whould not work with me at all in my very temp problem and I was forced to accept the other employment or should I concentrate on telling them that It was by far substantially better employment and offer even more reasons why it was! Please help me ASAP If I lose this appeal I will be sinking fast! I am scared!

Joel In MN

Hi Joel,

Stick with the issue.

I do remember you. I always remember perusing MN statutes because I find them difficult to search?

Didn't you say you had an offer letter or that the person with whom the job fell through was willing to write a statement for you? If so, did you submit the documentation for the hearing?

I think you might need that.

It's very possible that the ALJ will ask why you were looking for new work .. I think it's okay, but because the new job needs to be shown as much better you should focus on that as your primary reason since you said it was.

Joel, this is not legal advice .. this is general information .. Disclaimer.

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