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Minor Accident but fired a week later while.........

by John Powell
(Amarillo TX)

Ok here was my situation, I had just been hired by this employer of a small company (employed less than 20). She was having problems with another Driver delivering groceries from California to Indiana, he had went AWOL with the truck and was Partying in Memphis TN, I was called to go with a friend to pick up his truck and she told me that we would be paid for it. After getting to the truck some 14 hours away I was stranded by my Company there in Memphis TN for 3 Days before they found me a load. 3 days later im in Lubbock delivering the load and I have a minor accident in which I scratch a trailer next to me causing minor damage to both my trailer and the property owners. I followed protocol and reported it immediately and took the necessary steps to resolve the issue. The Employer seemed to understand, one week later I am sent by this same Employer to haul milk to Louisiana, I get to my destination and back with no problems. Upon picking up my check after the load, the owner paid me a whole $100 and a friend $100 for the trip to Memphis, now that really doesn't amount to much and I would have thought she would have pitched in more to cover the wear and tear on my Personal Vehicle. Now fast forward 2 days I get a call from the co-owner saying she had gotten

me another load of milk going to all most the exact same place, I get all my gear together and drive to the Company's property to get ready to go, meanwhile calling the other Owner to get fuel money set up for the trip. Well after driving onto her property I had a little cleaning I had to do inside the truck I got everything the other driver had left inside together then called and finally got a hold of the other owner about where I could put his personal belongings, she answered this time saying that we needed to part ways (Your Fired in a nice way) and that Milk just wasn't paying her bills, I then asked her about the Milk trip that was planned by the Co-Owner and she said she didn't know anything about it, but that she would call and cancel it. Now Ive been waiting for 3 weeks for unemployment to do their investigation on the matter but I can't seem to find a Job in this area due to all the Laid off Oilfield CDL drivers causing an over abundance and the economic issues. Whats your opinion on my unemployment claim?

Hi John,

It doesn't sound like you were fired for a minor accident. It sounds like you were laid off.

At the time the employer said you needed to part ways, you said, she said it was because Milk just wasn't paying the bills.

Am I missing something here?

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