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Misled about transferring closer to home

by Jackie

When I hired in at my job I accepted the position after it was promised I would only train in the main office then be transferred after two months closer to home. I have now been at the headquarters for over 5 months and it is over 80 miles one way. With traffic it takes me over 2 hours in the morning and 1 1/2 hours on the way home. I work about 60 hrs a week and this means I am only home 7 hours total a day, if I get out on time. During those 7 hours I must eat, sleep, and get ready for work. I am breaking down physically and mentally and now am told that I will be staying at the headquarters and not moving. I need to have income coming in and I obviously have no time to look for a new job. Is there anyway to get unemployment?

How you will you prove that these were the conditions you were promised upon hire?

Here's a hint.

What have you been trying to do for the last three months to rectify this problem that was basically cause by being misled at time of hire.

Do you have emails between you and whatever authority should be helping you to resolve this problem for the last three months?

At some undefined moment .. an employee is held accountable for accepting conditions that are contrary to the circumstances they accepted the work under ..

So tell me .. what have you done in an effort to preserve this job?

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