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Misplaced work

I have a job and live in Pittsburgh it is winter and because of lack of work I am losing a lot of hours and they offered me work in Philly from Sunday to Saturday I need to know will I be denied unemployment if I say no to going to work in Philly away from my family even if I didn't sign up for this when I was hired I was hired to be a local pick up and delivery driver home every night please let me know??

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Jan 05, 2018
Two issues I think you need to consider
by: Chris -

First issue. Since you are currently employed, but experiencing a reduction in your typical hours each week, I think it would be important to first figure out it you would even be able to collect a partial unemployment benefit amount, given you're still employed and partial benefits depend on any hours you work in Pittsburgh each week you have to claim to collect.

You will find information to determine how partial unemployment benefits are calculated in the monetary charts (pg. 16).

Next issue. You need to figure out if the work being offered to you in Philly by your current employer is reasonable for you.

I would use the information I had about the original terms and conditions for employment when I was hired for the job in Pittsburgh and the information provided by DOLETA about suitable work .. which I have discussed on this page.

What would be front and center, if I had to make this decision in this particular situation, is what conclusion would the unemployment department reach if I refused the work in Philly, for what I'm only assuming is a temporary change to your job. Would you be able to prove by presenting evidence of the financial harm caused to you .. as in how much you make and take home in a week.

In other words .. would accepting the offer also force you to pay out of your own pocket, any additional cost of housing, food .. or even more money for childcare, that would typically be covered by you and your family, if the employer had full-time work for you per the terms and conditions of hire when you accepted this job.

It's a tough call for even me make because I don't always understand what unemployment departments do, but this is mainly because it's not just a lack of work claim you'd be filing, but a claim for partial benefits due to a reduction in hours .. with a potential refusal of suitable work thrown in for good measure.

I would be curious to know how it all goes for you, if you refuse the Philly work and continue working only reduced hours in Pittsburgh and claim you are owed a partial benefit until the weather breaks and the hours come back.

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