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missing days due to excused doctors notes

by Erik Willis
(silver spring MD)

i was in an accident on the metrobus and i told my general manager about it but i still worked a couple of days. one day i had a doctors appointment but at the same time they were having inspection on this day. Even that day i wasnt supposed to be to work until 12 in the afternoon. My general manager tried to tell me the day before the inspection, being as though i already told him about the doctors appointment before hand, that i had to be to work at 7 in the morning, knowing i had a appointment and even though i still wasnt supposed to be there until 12. Is that a legal reason to fire someone?

Yes, it's perfectly okay to fire you .. for missing work .. the question is whether it was with good cause as far as unemployment benefits go.

You didn't mention anything about FMLA .. did you request FMLA?

You also didn't mention anything about the "excused doctor notes" .. only that you had scheduled a doctor appointment.

Is it any wonder people don't get unemployment when they don't even know what's relevant.

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