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missing money

(California Unemployment Benefits)

somewhere on wed afternoon between 1pm and 3pm approximately $500 has gone missing, I did not noticed this til ending of my shift and a give a lump sum pick up and count my til for the end of the day.

I immediately noticed x read (end of day/ my til should have around $850.00 (its normaly $250-$350.) so I know right then there is something off, I remember slightly of needing to do a pick up which I had set aside, this was never done. My mgr recounted my til and confirmed I was near $500. short, my boss offered to go thru the surveillance video but I was so distraught I was naseus I mentioned that a mgr might not have entered a p/up, they asked if maybe I might have put the $ in my apron pocket?, went to the restroom and forgot about the $ and then asked if I might on accident left in my car!! that just threw me off the edge I felt that was in a softer way asumming I had done this ... I am a wreck every second because I live check to check. I told the manager I suspected was only near me once, another manager I feel leary of but too scared to mention. Also I had been short 2-3 other times had been written up or suspended for but that cannot be put on me due to former bookkeeper arrested for embezelling $14,000+ and was skimming off other workers til bags. I have been an employee with them for almost 6 years and no I am not the perfect employee I feel I was an asset, I had gotten sick and never recuperated fully and came back too early and started calling in sick with notes but also tardy, all in all I may struggle but I would never steal and anyone who knows me well knows I'd never take $, while I have been suspended/pending investigation few people have mentioned of my absence, that is not legal.


You haven't really asked me a question, but I can tell you that if you are fired .. the misconduct would be for "cash shortages", not attendance.

If an employer claimed both reasons for termination, that would just be "needlessly, cluttering the issue".

So, regardless of whether you wanted advice or not, I think you should begin by understanding the employer's policies for "cash shortages" or "cash control" ..

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