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missing one day? in my tenth month?

I missed only 1 day of work in 10 months. I was never late and always got good reviews. we worked between 72hrs and 84 hrs a week 13 days on 1 off.

One day my car wouldn't start. I know nobody in the area as I'm from Wisconsin and this happened in Illinois so i had no ride.

I was very close to getting in the union which they do there best to keep from happening. Can I collect?

I've never seen a written policy, but what I heard was you can't miss any days till you get in the union then you can have 16 occurences a year.


Did you call in the day you missed? I seriously, doubt an employer could sustain that 1 day gone due to car troubles which are "beyond your control" at the time is misconduct and generally two no call/no shows are the minimum to prove a voluntary quit by job abandonment.

Do a search of this site for "Illinois unemployment law handbook"

It's a valuable resource for researching the unemployment issues for Illinois unemployment.

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