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missing receipts on expense report


It was brought to my attention nearly a year after being submitted that a large number of my expense reports had been missing recipts for my cell phone and monthly parking expenses. I was fired for this offense. Each expense report was approved by my manager the month it was exspensed and this error was only brought to my attention after I had health problems. I offered to produce these recipts when questioned but was fired. I do not know if the missing recipts was an error on the companys end or my end as the receipts/expense reports are scanned and processed internally. World I qualify for unemployment in New York under these circumstances...



If it happened to me .. I think I would be qualified because I would make the state aware of the very long time between the supposed offense and the termination, that my manager had approved the reports, and I offered to produce my records for the employer to resolve their problem with those expense reports and made sure I offered to produce them for the state as well. I would also make the state aware that this termination occurred after my health problems.

I would also provide the state with any policy that shows the employer did not handle this situation per their own protocol .. especially if that protocol requires warnings or an investigation into the matter. And if I knew of anyone who has had the same type of problem and was treated less severely by the employer .. I'd tell that too.

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