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missing to much work due to childcare issues

by Ben

My wife and I usually have our parents watch our two children, however they are getting older and it is very difficult for them to handle. also my mother in law is an alcoholic and will drink while our 3 year old and 6 month old are in her care. my wife is having to take days off almost every week as we cannot afford childcare for both children and we feel we cannot leave our children in such situations. They are the only family that we have that doesn't work full time. If they let her go for this can she collect unemployment?

Hi Ben,

You need to take a look at MC5 on this page.

It probably wouldn't hurt to check out the information under VQ 155 too.

If she is fired it would be advantageous for her to be able to demonstrate any and all reasonable efforts made to find reliable childcare. Quite frankly .. I'm betting California might have a law that says if you knowingly leave your child in the care of someone who drinks to excess that you could be found negligent.

Has she requested a leave of absence to deal with this? How many daycare facilities has she contacted? Has she made the employer aware of her dillema? If possible has she asked for a shift change so either you or herself can care for the children. This kind of stuff may be asked about, but it's better if you can provide information as to the efforts you made.

The reason for her being gone from work sounds personally compelling, but you've got to try to preserve the employment or show there was not a reasonable alternative .. whether you quit or get fired.

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