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Missing too many days at Tyson

by cindy
(Grannis, Arkansas)

I missed too many days. I had accumulated 14 days missed. You work one day off by not being absent for 28 days. Okay, a year ago vanessa in the office asked me or had someone ask me six times to give someone a ride, a girl named Charlotee staying at the abused woman's shelter. (Later I discovered Ms. Romaine of Romaine Oil Company had been calling Tyson asking for them to give her a job & a ride. she is into charites) I was very frightened because I have experiences in my life & I know how violent & dangerous these men are who beat their wives. (My mom was almost killed by my Dad) Not only that, I was once raped by a black man & do everything I can to avoid them. (Can't help it!) I was terrified of her, she was bossy and threatened me. She wanted to leave work early a lot, and my points went up. She had been gone for a year when I was fired In January 2010. I don't know whether to bring up these issues of race in a hearing, things being as they are and it's such a hot issue, that's just how it was. It kind of made me feel I might have lost my job if I didn't agree to give this girl a ride, imagine how I felt when I found out she was black? Terror, instant terror and anxiety. I tried to pretend all was fine. Later I kept working but anxiety eats me up and they ask me to do things very difficult, like hang 'cause these young men they hire to do it take days off 'cause it's this very demanding job, you hang 34 birds a minute, and they yell at you and the people on the table are angry if you don't keep up.I wouldn't have known this girl with a fake name without Tyson Foods!!!!


Please explain to me how anything you related here has anything whatsoever to do with being fired for missing too many days.

I will say this .. your question resembles many of the claimant unemployment appeal letters I read.

It's irrelevant to the issue at hand which is a discharge for poor attendance at work .. therefore a waste of paper except that it helps the employer nail down the disqualification .. which you will receive.

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