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missing two days for being sick..didn't call in but i had a doctors note

by Anonymous

I missed two days of work do to strep throat and I couldn't talk so those two days I didn't call in..I even went to the doctor who gave me a note saying I had strep throat and couldn't talk. So they said they fired me for no call no show but I do have a doctors note!

Hi Anonymous,

Too bad you didn't call in...since you had the doctor's note.

It is very doubtful you will receive unemployment because you didn't call in. It's not a discharge, but a voluntary quit by job abandonment when you no call/no show.

Calling off is a duty "reasonably owed the employer".

Being sick and absent isn't the rule violation, but the failure to notify the employer is your problem. It makes you the "moving party" (the one who ended the employment). So you would essentially need to provide a plausible reason for your failure to notify the employer you would not be in...that the state would buy. I don't think not being able to talk would do it. But you never know. Losing this kind of case is what really pisses off employers.

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Does it do any good to appeal for unemployment benefits?
by: Chris - (webmaster)

Yes! Please try!

If the doctor office admitted they made a mistake, use it to the hilt. Testimony is best, but a signed statement may help also. If it goes to hearing.

My third comment on the missing two days for being sick..but with a doc. note.
by: Anonymous

First of all..thank you so much for giving your much needed advise! This whole deal is just awful because i really had a good job and payed very very well! Excpecially in this day of age. Sorry...anyways yes i do live alone! And once again i have spoken to my nurse and they even said they made a mistake because they were supposed to have called in on that thursday but forgot until that following day. So anyways what do you think? Maybe i should just try and see what happens. Thank you much

missed two days for being sick but had doctors note
by: Anonymous

i also forgot to mention on the second day i missed the doctor called my employer to let them know what had happened to me. I got ahold of my doctor and he said he called about 10:00 am on a friday..meaning thursday was the first day i had missed. Does this help me at all? Thank you much


It might. Ya know what? Sometimes you just have to give it a shot. It could very well be worth the effort. Get some documentation from your doctor stating he called the employer...and you explain the why on Thursday.

You said you had no voice at all.. right? Live alone? Just do the best with what you've got!!

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