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missing work due to being in an auto accident.

by Misty
(Sparks, nv)

I have not been fired yet I'm waiting for my manager to get back to me. I just started this job about a month and a half ago so I am still in my 90 day probation period. I was in an auto accident almost 2 weeks ago and haven't been able to work do to my injuries. My manager said she has to talk to human resources to see if I will be terminated or not. If I am can I get unemployment? I was getting unemployment prior to getting this job.


If you are fired for being medically restricted from working, it would be without good cause for firing someone, which must be "Misconduct".

But, you will not be able to collect benefits again, until you prove to the unemployment department that you are medically fit to work .. so as to comply with those "able and available eligibility conditions of collecting benefits.

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