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missing work due to illness

by Anonymous

I have Multiple sclerosis there are days it is very hard to go to work on those days I have to just stay home and sleep through the pain and sometimes it affects my bladder. I missed a lot of work at the beginning of this year because My mom had a heart attack and then my father in law got bedridden with his cancer. Then he passed away.

Hi Anonymous,

When someone is fired for attendance issues due to illness it depends on whether you followed the employer's call-off procedure and can also include other aspects as to who's illness it, whether FML was a possibility or not and imparticularly what the reason was for the final absence.

You didn't give much information, but I certainly suggest you do apply for unemployment as a discharge for attendance issues due to illness, when the absence is properly reported to the employer is a difficult thing for an employer to prove is misconduct.

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