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Missing work due to Medical Issues

by Pamela
(Colorado Springs, CO USA)

I have been out probably once a week or more due to chronic health issues. I have Rheumatoid arthritis and Crohns Colitis and makes it difficult to get to work. I always bring a doctors note in but my boss is saying it isn't enough and she plans to fire me if I do not take medical retirement.

Hi Pamela,

Let me ask you this .. is your employer required to provide FMLA?

If you voluntary retire .. due to health issues it will be a voluntary quit .. and you want to avoid that at all cost if you can because it would only be helpful to the employer.

If your employer fires you for attendance, but your absences are due to illness which you can provide doctor notes and for which you always follow the employers call-off procedure .. you will most likely get unemployment benefits.

Now you understand the threat and the ultimatum from the employer .. right?

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