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missing work for school

by zach
(Dalton Georgia)

This is my second semester in college. Prior to this date I worked first shift in a retail environment. I cleared with my store manager the days that I needed off for school and she agreed. For the last two semesters all was well but today she was fired. I was informed by her boss that I would have to miss class and pick up her hours and cover extra shifts because several other people quit when she was terminated. I can only miss two days of this class or I will fail and loose my scholarship. In the state of Georgia can I collect unemployment?

Hi Zach,

Very doubtful, because you would be quitting to attend school.

Unemployment while attending school and quitting because of school is truly a state specific issue as you will see if you take a look at Table 5-12 in the Nonmonetary chartbook at the USDOL.

I think you are between a rock and the proverbial hard place .. or maybe not .. retail job or loss of scholarship ..

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by: Zach

I will not quit. They will have to fire me for missing work. Not sure if this will change anything for me but its worth a shot!

Maybe .. the one thing that worried me on that chart I referred you to is that it .. says Georgia doesn't pay benefits to people attending school .. I would have rather seen that qualified with "if otherwise able to work". It's one of those things that vary from state to state and seems very unfair .. at least to me.

Just make sure you have made every reasonable effort with the employer to adjust that schedule in an attempt to maintain the employment.

You might have a prayer by focusing upon your efforts and the fact that the employer substantially changed your schedule. Possibly having the manager or others that quit as witnesses might help ...

Wishing you the best of luck.


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