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Missouri UnEmployment Overpayment - They Say

by Ron

I was on Missouri unemployment. I worked one week in Kansas and on the on line questionnaire when filing for continuing un-employment it just asked did you work anywhere the week you claimed.

Never asked what State. I kept getting Un-Employment and extended Benefits all this time and it wasn't until my claim ran out did they ever ask me if I worked in another State.

That when I said yes, because I had.

Now they claim I owe them $2,200 for an overpayment of benefits If they would have asked me any time during the filing process I would have said yes. I feel that the Sate of Missouri is at fault not me, for not asking that question earlier.

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Sep 08, 2014
Well, that's one way to look at your issue of whether you should repay the 2200 dollars, or possibly appeal to get the amount reduced to ...?
by: Chris

Funny, how even an invisible state border can't be hidden behind when it comes to overpayment recovery provisions, or efforts by states to recover .. eh?

Sometimes a person doesn't even know if their own issue might consist of just arguing for a non-fraud overpayment .. vs. a fraud overpayment.

In case you didn't know this already Ron, the unemployment insurance system in the United States is the result of federal law insisting each state operate it's own unemployment insurance state agency in cooperation with the federal government and extension benefits were coming from the federal government, not the state.

And in case you didn't know this, neither state, nor government, has not been sitting on their laurels not tryting to catch and recover as many unemployment benefits improperly paid .. or not as possible.

I can't tell you why it took them so long in your case, but I will tell you if what you are telling me is accurate and it's actually only one week you failed to report wages earned "in any state" .. 2200 dollars is too much of an overpayment and you should appeal and be ready to prove you were only improperly paid in one week.

I know desperation can make people think what they want to think .. if they never received, or read the claimant unemployment handbook, but I don't get the assumption you made because if you're unemployed in one state, but working in another .. you're still employed .. somewhere.

You might want tocall yourself lucky they didn't ask back for the whole kit and kaboodle.

I can attest it's also happened to a number of people and through no fault of their own at least to my way of thinking about the issue.

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