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Mis-spelled name on denial letter good cause for reopening?

by John
(Georgia Unemployment)

Mis-spelled name on denial letter good cause to reopen?

My claim was denied back in Sep. 10, and I found another job. My truck broke down, and I was going to file an appeal, but I was picked-up by fedex as a temp. employee. When you get picked up by a contractor, you are paid under the table. Well when I was let go, on Jan. 8th, 2011, I filed for an appeal.
My original appeal had my name mis-spelled. They added an "I" to my name.
I think that this is cause for them to re-open my claim, being that I was not notified of any denial? All my appeal letters, while I sent correct spelled, have been with an I.

Hi John,

Well, I guess I don't quite understand why you weren't notified of the hearing date .. did they have your address wrong too and that's the reason you weren't notified .. or are you just scratching for a reason for not appearing?

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