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Misunderstood for quitting

A week before christmas I went to my boss office to ask what my future looked like with the company and to see if there was talk of ending my contract. He asked if I wanted to leave, and I said no but if my contract was ending soon I would probably try to go back to school (I now know I shouldn't had said that but I thought I could talk to him). He said school is important and I'll talk to HR and schedule a meeting for you to talk to the operation manager (his boss) so we could discuss your contract. The next day he told me that they decided to end my contract. No meeting was ever scheduled. So now I'm trying to collect benefits and found out there is an open issue. The company I worked for are claiming to my temp agency that I was offered a job and I turned it down.

2 weeks before all of this happened I was asked if I would like to interview for an engineering job. But after reading the description, I saw that I had no experience and said that I didn't want to waste their time and turned down the interview. Would that deny me of benefits?

No, not if you can show the job offer was unsuitable to your experience and training.

I'd try to point you to information about your state's additional elements for what suitable work is exactly, but all states include prior experience and training as a factor.

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