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misuse of company time

by Carlene

My son's whole maintenance office, including his manager was let go because someone in his division was accused of falsifying time cards. My son heard of someone doing this, heard, did not know for a fact, so they fired the whole maintenance crew. Absolutely unfairly, without warning or a hearing. In the state of FL, what are his options.

Thank You

To fight to the end for his unemployment benefits to the end if denied, for what I suspect will be an employer argument that he knew of another employee's fraud and did not report it to the employer.

This is an argument they would use to prove that he was somehow "culpable" to the other employees misconduct to continue therefore .. his actions did cause harm to the employer's interests.

All those people that were fired for the actions of another must now pull together if needed because one is denied .. whether they were or not.

It is the employer that has to prove the burden .. but how they will attempt to prove it .. is what I don't know and what your son doesn't know ..

I have real issues with employees that do not support each other at times when it is clear the employer is at fault in any given situation.

It's not that I don't have issues with the employer also, but the workplace to me, seems to be very similar to one of the old westerns where only a small group of brave people fight the big bad cattle lord while the rest of the town residents lock their doors and shutters and cower in the corner until it is all over only to come out when it seems to be all over and seems content to be led by what ever side wins.

As far as I'm concerned, your son and all the rest of them should see clearly, what they need to do now .. act as a team .. even in their unemployment.

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