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MO 1st appeal-disqualified for misconduct-Not sure how to handle.

by Anna
(Missouri Unemployment Benefits)

I was denied for my unemployment from my employer in MO. Here is the story-Our office has 3 people in it with 3 cash drawers. We do 3 deposits every day (for each person). However, only 1 person takes all of the deposits to the bank. The bags we put our deposits in do not have locks, but we do keep 3 seperate bags. I gave my bag to the girl I *thought* was going to the bank, she was not and gave it to the next girl. This girl took the bags to the bank, but somehow my deposit mysteriously went missing. My boss confronted me on the same day. After some going back and forth, he finally said to me "you can tell me you didn't do it, in which case i'm going to call the police and have an investigation started and you will possibly be arrested and this will be a felony. Or, you can tell me you did it, pay me what you owe since you are responsible for it and you can then quit or i will fire you." I told him I did it and would quit effective immediately (even though I didn't, it seemed the least of 3 evils) So, I guess my question is, they really have no proof I did anything except my own confession, under duress-Does my appeal hold water at all? I mean this unlocked bank bag touched at least 3 hands after mine. There are no cameras in our office, let alone after the bag leaves the office. I had worked at this company for 3.5 years and never even been written up for anything.


I'm sorry, I'm just kind of dumbfounded why someone that is innocent of a crime would admit to committing the crime to the employer and then say there is really no proof .. when you provided a verbal or a written admission of theft to the employer .. that can now .. and I assume did, testify with direct knowledge about the confrontation.

You were denied on the first appeal which is where arguments about "proof" go and board level appeals are not for Monday morning hindsight rebuttal arguments you should have made at the hearing.

It's the confession that's not going to really make sense to people unless maybe you snapped photos of the light being shined in your eyes and/or offered testimony about the threat of being physically intimidated during said interrogation.

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