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Mom fired


My mother is 62 and has worked as a claims taker and customer service rep for the unemployment office for approximately 16 years. She was recently fired for refusing to submit to a nicotine test because they are claiming she enrolled in a Non-Tobacco Use incentive program. She is currently contesting this decision. In the meantime, she has filed for unemployment benefits. The unemployment office is contesting her rights to receive unemployment and she is scheduled for a telephone hearing soon.


1. Should she hire an unemployment attorney for representation; and

2. To what extent can they inquire about the appeal?

Thank you for any guidance.

Concerned daughter.


The decision to hire an attorney is personal, but given the reason for the termination .. it might be wise. I would think her appeal hinges on what's in the incentive agreement.

As far as inquiring about the appeal .. I'm not certain what you want to know, but I would think that which state is involved would be good to know .. so I could direct you to whatever information they have online about the appeal process. Of course your mother might know this already since she was a customer service rep.

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