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Monatary Termination???

by Lisa
(Lexington, KY)

I recently filed for unemployment and I received papers that said Monatary Termination on them. I don't understand if I was accepted for unemployment or not.

My case is I really don't know if I was fired or I quit. The person who does the scheduling had a bad habit of constantly changing the schedule around at any whim. sometimes a few times a day, unkowing to workers who were not there. she expected everyone to contstantly check the schedule for changes I guess. She played around with everyones schedule like it was a game.

I worked there 1 and a half years. She has been doing this all along. I called in the night before to ask co-worker what time I was scheduled for the faollowing day (just returned from week vacation). I was on schedule from Opening 7:30 am. I arrive at this time only to find out the scheduler has redid it and I wasnt supose to come in until 10:30 now.

So the lady who makes schedule up, laughed and said oh I guess you go home and take a nap and come back at the later time.

After constantly dealing with this, I was fed up and did not go back in.

Would I qualify for unemployment under these cicumstances?

Thank you

You quit.

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