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money missing

by Rose
(San Jose, Ca)

a pick up of cash was to be entered by mananger, money was counted and bundled I motioned mgr, the pick up was nver done near the end of my shift I noticed on end of day "X-read" report the amount of cash I should have was extremly high I counted my whole til out and I was approximatly $540.00 short. I asked the manager that was suppost to enter my cash pick up, whether he ever got my pick up entered he said I never gave him cash. I then told 2nd manager that I had givin money for pick up to other manager and now he denies I gave him money at all.I was asked by other employee, "maybe I may have accidently put money in my apron pocket, gone to the restroom, or went to lunch and left in my car by mistake(I checked all these places). i would not put cash in my pocket ever. I feel like I was treated like I was being given the chance to put the money back if I had it. I had only 3 payroll checks that day and they were all less than $300.00 so I KNOW I wouldnt have messed up on a check, like given too much cash back. My supervisor went over transactions with me but there was nothing standing out to possibly explain, i was distraught and could barely breath, he asked if i wanted to go over the surveilence with him, i declined I was too upset over this, on another day when I was not so distraught I asked if I could view the survielence i was told no that it was private property of Cost Less, I said if I am responsible for that money shouldnt I be allowed to see maybe I could see something maybe they missed, i just know in my heart (I work 5+ yrs) that money was taken and with no explaination or paper trail to reveal something like giving too much cash back on a check, this looks damaging to me, my integrity.

I've answer quite a few questions about "cash shortages".

If you would like to discuss your case with me .. I am available to do so through a consultation.

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money shortage
by: martha

I worked for wafflehouse for 2 and a half years. I was fired because a ticket i wrote was in the amount of 22.00 dollars. But every sales person shares one register. Somebody rung up one cent and pocketed the twenty two dollars. Why would i use my own ticket.

Hi Martha,

No, the question is .. how will the employer be able to prove that you were the one that rung up the ticket incorrectly?

How can you call the reason for your termination for work related misconduct into question?

How will you raise doubts about any testimony or evidence through your rebuttal with your own testimony and/or evidence and preferably, with someone else to corroborate that it was quite possible for someone else to have committed the theft?

by: Rose

My EDD ph interview was today and I get the feeling I will be denied...Okay I failed to mention in my 1st posting because it is a lengthy situation to explain, I had I think 2 prior cash shortage w/ups but I told supervisor I now my cash should not be short because I mark them before I go to lunch and recount when I get back. I had complained to my supervisor that I felt 2 managers made me feel leary of leaving my til bag open for many hands to get at (at this time we didnt have locking bags) but I was the one person to stand up for all these strange unexplained shortages even managers coming up high dollar amounts. Finally we got locking bags!! I hadnt been short since then for quite a few months then in the begining of July approximatly the owners of store and CEO showed up to count a Book-keeper/Manager cash box only they had a key for, this bkkr/mgr box came up 14,000.+ short and a I cant prove she did this to me but i was training to be a bkkr and I was too stressed out so I just went back to being a checker but sis notice she had the ablilty to manipulate numbers and said she knows how to balance so it doesnt look like you are short, this is my reason for attempting my appeal and because I took nothing. My supervisor agreed that this Bookkeeper/Mgr was responsible to alot of the questionable shortages, that she even owed him over $500 for a an advance and never paid him for it. But yet they are using this old, old prior write ups, even when it was noticed that my balancing had improved due to locking til bags. I have gone to almost every dept except mgr and produce due to my character, how will I be able to support or defend myself on appeal when they have documentation yes but I have knowledge and personal conversations with my supervisor agreeing that my shortages were very likely due to this mgr/bkkr. So what do you think now and if call you for a consultation how much email I have been without funds since 9-3-10 and I dont know how long to find out if Im denied but that sounds like additional few weeks too. I am apprehensive to hear from you
Thanks Again, Rose


How much were you short on each occasion you were written up and then on this final incident?

You can subpoena the video if you think it will help.

I also want to make sure you have read section MC 140 D Discharged for cash shortage. of the CA benefit determination guide ..

Since you have no income and I cannot guarantee you'll win even with my help, I want you to understand what makes it possible to win and what makes it not so possible.

It sounds like you suspect someone in mgmt of taking the money .. is that correct?

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